Documenting alternative communities and their ability to self organize

Charles Shaw – Living the exile nation: The war on consciousness & the festival community

Some of the searing conclusion to Charles Shaw’s epic 3-hour talk at the recent Eclipse 2012 Festival in Far North Queensland, Australia.

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Headbanging in Iran! Meet Persia’s metal musicians

We spent the last week with Hossein the lead guitar of Kuadrumana, one of the very rare and controversial alternative live band in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Did you know that showing interest in Metal music or any other kind of alternative or underground cultures in Iran is regarded as immoral end therefore prohibited? Here is a story…

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When Solidarity takes over Democracy: a Conflicted Greece

HTN travels to Greece and discovers the country is an experiment for the EU Central Bank, the IMF, and the European Oligarchy. The population thereby, in the depths of an illusory debt rediscover new ways to organize, produce and relate to each other.

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Lab.Buridda: Experimentations & Student Automomy

Sunday, May 11, 2003,
Hundreds of people belonging to various political and social realities in Genova decid to bring life back in a 6000 square meter city building abandoned since 1997.
Only a few days later already dozens of empty and deserted rooms are buzzing with new creative occupiers: art groups, theater groups, media activists, student collectives, migrant communities, filmmaker.

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Cap Berriat: Alternative Culture, Youth & Democracy.

Gaiaganda for the last 6 years officially established its home (along with Saveurs Nomad) in Cap Berriat at Grenoble, France.
The HTN project could not forget some of the amazing people that have been hosting and helping out some of our projects, organising this beautiful journey overland. Cap Berriat is a youth initiative giving a creative space to the energy of the young, for our society…

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Anniversaire : Retour sur le G8 de Gênes, il y a dix ans

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Du 19 au 22 juillet 2001, 300.000 personnes s’étaient retrouvées à Gênes, en Italie, pour un contre-sommet du G8. Nous commémorons à notre manière ce tournant dans les mobilisations altermondialistes, réprimées avec un niveau de violence rarement atteint au sein de l’Union européenne.

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Guérilla non-violente contre les écrans publicitaires « espions » de la RATP

Des écrans publicitaires « espions », installés par la régie Métrobus, sont la cible des activistes anti-publicité. Le 24 novembre, ils ont mené une action coup de poing pour alerter sur les menaces de ces nouveaux supports publicitaires. Reportage en images.

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