HearTheirNow: Self determination & community projects


Is Utopia just a beautiful myth for you? If so, here are some people who are making it real

We left the familiarity of France, all sense of belonging, and effectively closed a chapter of our lifes. We were happy but something was nudging at us. Like a song in our head, a soft melody that was telling us to go out and discover what was on the other side.
We entered the rest of the world. And in doing so, we discovered generous, wise and creative individuals and communities transforming the world.

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2012 Eclipse – Once in a life time stellar event

2012 eclipse by remysh

On Wednesday, November 14, 2012 a total solar eclipse was visible in Northern Australia and the Pacific Islands. Thousands of people in North Queensland had the opportunity to view the rare spectacle of a total solar eclipse when the moon covers the entire face of the sun…

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Charles Shaw – Living the exile nation: The war on consciousness & the festival community

Chales Shaw03

Some of the searing conclusion to Charles Shaw’s epic 3-hour talk at the recent Eclipse 2012 Festival in Far North Queensland, Australia.

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Dharmsala – Delhi – Rajasthan Ahoy!


Pe Ningjemo – so beautiful in Tibetan. Just returned from Tibetan Himachal Pradesh to the highways and fast lanes of the capital – Delhi. Bittersweet feelings while departing from the mist-covered Himalayas.

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Headbanging in Iran! Meet Persia’s metal musicians


We spent the last week with Hossein the lead guitar of Kuadrumana, one of the very rare and controversial alternative live band in the Islamic Republic of Iran. Did you know that showing interest in Metal music or any other kind of alternative or underground cultures in Iran is regarded as immoral end therefore prohibited? Here is a story…

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When Solidarity takes over Democracy: a Conflicted Greece


HTN travels to Greece and discovers the country is an experiment for the EU Central Bank, the IMF, and the European Oligarchy. The population thereby, in the depths of an illusory debt rediscover new ways to organize, produce and relate to each other.

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Arriving at Exarchia Square


Nous sommes en Grèce, a Athenes ou on nous a recommander d’aller jeter un oeuil dans un centre social monte en 2005: Le Nosotros. On nous a assurer que nous pourrions recharger les batteries de la camera et nous connecter a internet.

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2012 Oveland Eclipse Chase to Australia


The 2012 eclipse chase is catalyst that has make us stick together : We once decided to organise The journey of our lives: the crossing of Europe, Middle East & Asia to reach Australia for the 2012 eclipse and join the Earthdream Convoy.

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